Redstone used by YouTubers to Create Paint

Redstone has been used to create the Ghostbusters theme, a playable version Dance Revolution and even real-world Redstone devices. Now YouTubers have created a fully functional version of MS Paint inside Minecraft’s multiplayer building game.

Microsoft Paint, also known as “that program we used to learn IT lessons but couldn’t access the internet”, has seen a lot of improvements in recent years. It would be difficult to recreate the current version, even for the Redstoners of YouTube. So MattBatWings, Sloimay and Sloimay decided to focus on the classic version and use it as the basis of cool and detailed projects that belong on our list for the best Minecraft builds.

MattBatWings demonstrates the entire creative process. Sloimay and Sloimay don’t really plan to build MS Paint, but they decide to cobble(stone), together when they’re selected to participate in Sipover’s video. Sipover is a YouTuber who pits the two Minecraft Redstone pros against a group of normal people.

Sloimay and MattBatWings decide to implement the brush tool and line tool, as well as a circle and square tool and a sprite instrument. Although it sounds simple, you should remember that not all of this is native Minecraft. They must also build each feature using Redstone programming as well as the screen. This is another amazing example of the creativity that Minecraft builders can bring to the table, with MattBatWings explaining each feature as they go.

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How to get the rare blue axolotl

Blue Axolotl is one the most rare mobs in Minecraft. Axolotls were introduced to Minecraft in 2020, in Caves and Cliffs Part 1. They were initially found in many different water bodies, but they were quickly moved to the Lush Caves biome. Due to their adorable appearance, Blue Axolotls became a huge hit with players.

There are five color variants to this mob: blue, brown, yellow, pink and cyan. Most of these variants are easily found in Lush Caves. However, the blue variant is extremely rare. Millions of players have been eager to discover the rarest mob variant since the beginning. Some even found faster ways to get the mob.

There are two ways to obtain the blue Axolotl: through breeding or in Minecraft.

Although it is difficult to find this mob variant, cheats can be used to instantly get it. Players know that they have many options to enter commands into the game in order to accomplish almost any task. This is also true for rare mobs. To allow cheaters to use commands, players will need to type “/summon mincraft:axolotl Variant :4” to obtain it.

How to breed normal Axolotls to create a mob

The only way to get a mob is through commands. You can either find one naturally or breed lots of them until you have the rarest variant. Players have observed that even when two mobs are identical, there is still a possibility that a new variant will spawn as a baby.

Players will need to breed a lot of these mobs in order to obtain the blue mutation if they decide to use this trick. A small chance exists of spawning a blue variant.

Even though the odds of getting one are slim, it is the only way to get the rare mob without cheating. Players who think they can breed enough mobs will be able to do so if they are willing to put in the effort.

How to create a breeding program to obtain rare variants

1) Create a pool

This is because players won’t have the ability to breed so many mobs within a Lush Cave. Players will need to create a pool with water buckets and glass blocks to allow them to breed.

2) Buying lots of tropical fish

Axolotls can breed with a lot of tropical fish. These mobs are essential for players.

Access to warm water should be available for players so they can easily find the fish they seek.

3) Begin breeding

This step is fairly straightforward. Players will need to start breeding babies and spawning them one at a time. As the pool becomes more populated, players may have to kill some. Although this process can be slow, eventually players will be able get the rare blue Axolotl.

How to craft tinted glass in Minecraft

Tinted glass is a brand new type of glass that was added to Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs Part 1 in 2021. You can create many different shades of glass by mixing dye. This variant, however, is made in a unique way. This version is more unique than the others because it can block light.

The game offers 18 types of glass panes and blocks. You can make normal glass by melting sand in the furnace. Or you can create stained versions using dye. Tinted glass is made with special items and can be used in special situations.

How to make tinted glasses in Minecraft

1) Make sand blocks from sand

Players must have regular glass blocks in order to craft the tinted version of the item. They can use sand blocks to make the tinted version. These will produce normal-sized glass blocks.

2) Mine amethyst shards

The next step is to locate an Amethyst geode, a naturally created structure. They will then be able find purple amethyst clusters and blocks. These clusters can be mined to drop shards that players can use to make a special glass.

3. Crafting recipe

Once they have the two items, they can go to the crafting table to place four amethyst fragments around the one-glass block. They will now have two tinted blocks.

How to use it

Tinted glass blocks all light. This is its main characteristic. This makes this variant unique and unlike any other glass block.

1) For decoration purposes

Players will be able use the new glass block in any way they choose once they have created it. This block is great for decoration, even spooky builds.

There are already black and gray stained-glass blocks in the game. However, they don’t have the unique ability to block the light.

2) For mob farming

Mojang announced the glass variant and players around the globe knew it could be used to create mob farms. This glass variant is almost essential for mob farms after the Caves and Cliffs update.

It is also very attractive because players can see inside the farm through it.

MInecraft : best biomes to build a home in

Biomes are an area of Minecraft that has a unique appearance. These biomes allow you to divide Minecraft into a variety of environments, making the game more enjoyable. There are many different types of biomes within Minecraft. Each one has its own unique set of characteristics. Certain biomes are only able to provide certain resources, such as plants, minerals, or mobs. This could mean that certain biomes are more welcoming than others.

There are so many Minecraft biomes to choose from. So where can players build their home? This is our list of five top Minecraft biomes that can be used to build homes.

5 best Minecraft biomes for building homes

5) Tall birch trees

Tall birch forests can be found in Minecraft’s birch wood biome. Birch forests look similar to regular forests, but they have birch trees in place of oak. This biome has taller trees than tall birch forest trees. While this can make it more difficult to harvest wood, it also means players will be able to collect more over the long-term.

4) Savanna

Savannas are warm, flat areas that have been modeled after real-world biomes. The savanna biome is home to oak and acacia trees. You will also find donkeys, horses, and llamas here. Savannas, which are common in Minecraft, are great places for players to build bases.

3) Plains

Minecraft’s plains biome was one of the first biomes to be added in-game. It is also one of the most popular biomes in the game. This biome is flat and grassy, with some trees and flowers scattered around. Plains biomes are a great place for villages to grow. Plains biomes are a great place to build your home and explore.

2) Giant spruce taiga

Minecraft’s huge spruce trees are found in cold biomes. Players shouldn’t have any trouble finding the resources they need for building in this biome, which is home to giant spruce trees and berry bushes as well as wolves. This biome is home to mossy cobblestone, which can be found in boulders throughout the taiga.

1) Mushroom island

Mushroom islands, which are considered the most safe biome in Minecraft, are great places for players to build homes. In mushroom island biomes, hostile mobs are not allowed to spawn. However, there are exceptions. There are still mobs that can be found near spawners and skeleton traps. Here, giant mushrooms and’mooshrooms spawn. This is a great place to find food, and players won’t need to travel far to get their next meal.

Amethyst clusters 101

A new item has been added to Minecraft’s 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update. It is amethyst.

Amethyst blocks are underground-generated and have only a few uses. The amethyst clusters and amethyst buds represent the fourth and final stages of this block’s growth.

Amethyst can be used to build and craft recipes. It is necessary to create spyglasses.

Here’s how you can do it.

How to harvest amethyst clusters from Minecraft

Geodes are underground breeding grounds for amethyst. Geodes can be spawned at any level, up to Y level 70. You can spot geodes by looking at the blocks around them. Although the amethyst is usually hidden, it can sometimes be seen from above due to random generation.

The shell of calcite will surround the amethyst, and it will then be protected by a shell made of smooth basalt. These blocks will be found by Minecraft players. However, not all amethyst block produce the same thing.

Amethyst clusters can produce amethyst crystal shards, and amethyst flowers won’t. Players need to locate full clusters in order to get amethyst-shards. Crafting is possible only with the shards.

These are usually mined with a pickaxe. A non-Silk Touch, nonFortune enchanted pickaxe will yield four amethyst fragments from an amethyst-cluster mined. It will drop two shards if it is mined with any other tool, item or mechanism (such as a piston).

These can be used to create crafting recipes. An amethyst block can be made from four of these ingots. Two copper ingots and one spyglass are all you need. A tinted glass block can be made from four shards and one glass block. There are no other crafting recipes using amethyst crystal shards at the moment, but there may be more in future updates.

What to tame in Minecraft ?

Minecraft’s vast world is home to many mobs, which are a variety of creatures. Mobs (mobile entities) can be found in all dimensions of Minecraft. There are three types of mobs available to players: neutral, hostile, and passive.

Passive mobs, which are peaceful and friendly creatures in Minecraft, are the best. These mobs won’t attack players if they are attacked by them. Most passive animals are raised for their droppings, but some are kept as pets, such as cats and wolves.

Minecraft has had mobs since its inception. These mobs can be tamed or kept as pets. Each mob is different and requires a different method of taming.

Minecraft has tameable mobs


Cat lovers will find Minecraft a great place to keep their cat. There are many cat breeds available in Minecraft. Many Minecraft players have found their cat. Unfortunately, you can’t attract cats by making “psp-psp” too often.

The players will need to quickly feed salmon and cod to the cat by crawling up to it. Most cats can be found in villages roaming around.


The cutest mob in Minecraft is the Wolves. These cute animals can be found in forests, wooded hills and taiga, among other variations. The taming process for wolves is much easier than that of cats.

To tame wolves, players must feed them bones. You can get bones from loot chests or by killing skeleton-type mobs. You can use wolves to attack mobs.


Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1 Update added cute axolotls which made them a formidable competition for wolves or cats. Axolotls are not as easy to control as other mobs. Players can however pick them up in buckets to keep them in their inventory.

Axolotls can be picked up and placed back on land or water. Axolotls will attack all aquatic animals, except sea turtles or dolphins. A bucket of tropical fish can be used to guide players in guiding axolotls towards attacking ocean creatures.

Horses and mules, donkeys, donkeys, and llamas

Mobs that can be ridden include horses, mules and donkeys. They spawn in the Overworld. These mobs require no food items and are easy to manage. These mobs can be ridden repeatedly until they trust the player. Players can then put a saddle on them.

Rare skeleton horses may be found in the Overworld. These horses don’t need to be ridden. They can be ridden by players who place a saddle on them.


Parrots are one of the few flying creatures in Minecraft. They are easy to handle and will sit on your shoulders. You can make wild parrots your pet by giving them seeds.


Fox is the most shy mob in Minecraft. These animals are quick to run at the sight of a player. Players will need to breed two foxes in order to have a baby fox. The baby fox can’t be tamed but will trust the person who fed it.

Once they are tamed or gained their trust, players can either keep them in their base or explore the vast universe.

How to fish for treasure in Minecraft

Fishing is a fun and efficient way for Minecraft players to find the food they need to survive the game. With just a fishing pole and some patience, players can catch several types of fish. Many of these are edible, and some can even be cooked.

However, fish aren’t the only thing that Minecraft players can catch while fishing. It’s possible to find treasure items, such as saddles and enchanted books, aren’t very common finds.

Luckily for players, however, there are some ways to increase their catch rates. This is a guide to help players get started.

There are several treasure items that Minecraft players can obtain by fishing in-game.

By default, players have about a 5% chance of catching a treasure item. Each treasure item has an equal rate of occurrence, leaving each individual treasure item with a 0.8% chance of being caught overall.

Fishing rod enchantments

A standard fishing rod gives the player an 85% chance of catching fish and a 10% chance of catching junk items. Treasure items make up the remaining 5%. These odds are far from ideal, but players can increase them by using enchantments.

There are five enchantments that players can apply to their fishing rods in Minecraft, each with its own purpose and functionality. Only two of these enchantments will have an effect on how fishing works in-game.

Players with fishing rods having the Lure enchantment will see increased rates of fish biting their hooks. While it cuts back on the time they’ll spend waiting, this enchantment won’t increase a player’s chances of finding treasure.

Luck of the Sea

Fishing rods enchanted with Luck of the Sea enchantment have a much better chance of finding treasure. Level I of this enchantment gives players a 7.1% chance of catching a treasure item. This increases a bit with each level, with 9.2% at level II and 11.3% at level III.

Getting treasure items by fishing in-game can be a challenge, but it is nonetheless a fun and exciting part of Minecraft gameplay.

Minecraft server list

Minecraft 1.18 is one of the most impressive Minecraft updates to ever land, featuring a complete overhaul of world generation mechanics, new blocks, and much more.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Minecraft 1.18 update is by playing a Minecraft server that supports version 1.18. Luckily, there are dozens of Minecraft servers that have now been updated to support 1.18 features.

This article will highlight the best Minecraft 1.18 update servers to play, each of which has no lag, good gameplay, and is online 24/7.

5) Mox MC

Server IP Address:

Mox MC is a popular Minecraft network featuring various game modes, including factions, bedwars, prisons, and survival.

The entire Minecraft network was recently updated to support Minecraft 1.18, meaning that all of the great features of Minecraft 1.18, including the epic new world generation mechanics, can be enjoyed on this server.

4) CraftyMines

Server IP Address:

This server is perfect for those looking to enjoy the Minecraft 1.18 update on a small server with a tight-knit community. The server was founded in 2014 and had, on average, about 30 players online throughout the day.

Although it’s not the biggest server out there, this server has a kind and caring staff team, a tight-knit community, and of course, all of the latest and greatest Minecraft 1.18 features.

3) KiloCraft

Server IP Address:

This server, KiloCraft, is a Minecraft vanilla survival server dedicated to running snapshots versions of Minecraft. This means that the server is always running the latest experimental versions of the game that Mojang releases.

Although the server is currently running on Minecraft 1.18, it’s expected to convert to 1.19 as soon as Mojang starts to release snapshots for this version.

Also featuring extremely powerful hardware to ensure no lag, this server is perfect for those ever looking to play on the cutting edge versions of Minecraft.

2) ClassicV

Server IP Address:

This server, called ClassicV, offers gamers a classic vanilla experience with a few modern twists to improve the experience.

Although almost everything on this server is vanilla, there are a few quality of life features to help players out. More specifically, these include spawn commands, teleportation commands, land protection commands, and more.

In terms of 1.18 support, the map has just been wiped and regenerated to fully support all of the latest and greatest 1.18 features. So for players looking to explore vast cliffs and deep caves, this server is perfect.

1) Vanilla High

Server IP Address:

Featuring an entirely new world, pregenerated especially for the Minecraft 1.18 update, this server is perfect for anyone looking for somewhere to enjoy Minecraft 1.18.

Although this server is pretty chill, a couple of rules need to be adhered to, ensuring everyone has a good time. This includes not griefing/raiding other players and also strictly not cheating. Other than that, this server is the perfect choice to play the newest Minecraft update.

Best ores in Minecraft

There are many different types of ores in Minecraft. Players will need to have coal, gold and diamonds at some point in the game. Each ore has its own material, and players can use them in order to get certain resources.

But not all ores can be created equal. Certain ores are more valuable than others, especially in survival mode.

5) Redstone

Redstone is the only way to automate everything in Minecraft. Automation is extremely useful, regardless of whether you need to automate a door, furnace, or farm.

Redstone dust would not be possible. It’s easy to find it in bulk with a Fortune III Enchanted Pickaxe.

4) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a blue dye that can be made into enchanting books and other items. Enchanted books and other items are a vital part of the game.

The easiest way to obtain the books you need is to enchant books with Lapis Lazuli.

3) Coal

Players would struggle to survive without coal. There are many other fuel options. Coal is the most common and is the only fuel that can be used.

For building and crafting, there are many other fuel options. But coal is not included in this category. It’s used only to smelt and cook.

2) Iron

Iron tools and armor, while not as good as diamond-level, are still very useful. Iron tools and armor are great, so it’s not something to be ashamed of.

Iron is easier than diamonds which makes it less valuable. There aren’t many resources that can be as valuable because of its use and applications.

1) Diamond

Even after Netherite was introduced diamonds were still the most valuable resource in the game. Their rarity only increases their value. The second-highest level of armor and tools is made from diamonds.

They are essential for players to be able to obtain Netherite armor and tools. Players can’t use them without them so it is important that they craft diamond items. Diamonds are the most important thing in Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Servers!

Are you looking for the best Minecraft servers? There are many options in Minecraft. The multiplayer servers are no exception. A mini-game Minecraft server or PvP server might be the right choice for you if you enjoy competing with other players in different ways. One of the many survival servers is perfect for you if you like to let your imagination run wild and build things. No matter what Minecraft community you are looking for, you can find it with your closest friends.

We have compiled a list with the top Minecraft servers. You can find many options to choose from and find the one that suits your needs. It’s easy to join a server. Open Minecraft and type the name of your server in the title. Next, paste the IP address that you found at the end of each entry into the box below. Once you have saved your new addition you can click play to jump in. You may need to download texture packs for some servers. Our list of the best Minecraft textures packs explains how.

A Minecraft server is a great way to express your creativity. Take a look at our list of top Minecraft servers to exercise your brain.


IP Address:

Hypixel is a server that offers a lot of mini-games. You will find all the usual games that you would expect from a server of high quality, but there are also some notable ones. VampireZ is a game where you must survive as a human and the vampires hunt you. Turbo Kart Racers is another racing game. It will put you up against other players to see who can reach the finish line first. It’s great fun and they keep it updated so it’s worth it.


IP Address:, or

Mineplex is one the top Minecraft servers. It is a huge server with a wide variety of activities. There are FPS games, painting and even their own version Smash Bros. They have a section for survival games if you are looking for a Minecraft server. This server also has an active staff, which means it suffers less grief than other less healthy servers.


IP Address:

PirateCraft makes it easy to navigate a ship in Minecraft. It takes some time to get used the Minecraft survival server, but it is well worth it if you love the idea. It’s amazing to see the size of these ships and the ship-to–ship combat. Don’t be surprised if someone steals your pirate ship. It’s not honorable to be a thief.


IP address:

ManaCube offers many game modes, including Survival, Towny and PvP. It is an excellent all-purpose server that allows you to play a variety of Minecraft games.


IP address:

Are you looking for a server that allows you to do almost anything? Minewind allows you to do anything (except cheating) in a free-for-all PvP chaos. It’s hard to survive in this world for long periods of time. But, it’s free!

IP Address:

It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to play on the Minecraft server named after the most famous creepypasta mystery. offers a variety of games, including survival, skyblock and factions. You can also find an Earth, a geopolitical mode on After you are done, check out the Herobrine world seed which was discovered earlier in the year.


IP Address:

Game of Thrones is over. You don’t have to be hungry any longer. Enjoy this WesterosCraft. It’s not yet finished but it will provide a pleasant rush for anyone who wants to be King for a day. It’s not yet clear if Direwolves can be petted.

Pixelmon Generations

Pixelmon Generations is a Minecraft Mod, but it has spawned many Pokemon-related servers including PokeSaga and PokeZone. Pixelmon Harmony, a strand within Complex Gaming, is another. Pixelmon Generations includes every Pokemon from Generations 1-7 and many from Generation 8. This means that this server has more Pokemon available across its biomes than Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. It’s quite sad, actually.


IP Address:

Autcraft is an autism-specific server. It is designed to provide a safe refuge from the potentially frightening things that can be found on other servers. It is safe for children and does not feature any scary characters. To join the server you must apply, but if your application is approved then you are good to go. Although it doesn’t do anything unique in terms of how it works, it’s an important resource to have if you or someone you know has autism.

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Minecraft Middle-earth

Build IP Address: build.mcmiddleearth.comPvP and Event IP Address:

The Lord of the Rings universe was always something that a team would attempt to recreate in Minecraft. It is truly amazing. Every detail in MC Middle Earth has been carefully designed to feel as real and authentic as possible. A stroll through the Shire can be a great way to spend a few minutes. However, if you don’t want to take a sightseeing tour, there is also a PvP server. There is, of course.

The Lord of the Craft

IP Address:

This may seem like a Lord of the Rings server. This server is fantasy, yes, but it has a lot of roleplaying. It is easy to travel between different kingdoms (high, dark, or dwarves) because the world and its lore is already in place. You only need a great skin and an extensive backstory from Lord Of The Craft to get started.

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Grand Theft Minecart

IP Address:

The title of the popular video game on which this server is built can be easily guessed. Hello Kitty Online is the unstoppable juggernaut. Or GTA. Or GTA.

You’ll have access to two game modes (Grand Theft Minecart & Vice Minecart) as well as 35 GTA-inspired weapons. You will also find a wide range of vehicles, including planes and tanks. It’s not GTA, if you don’t have the option to take part in an explosive murder-spree.

Extreme Craft

IP Address:

One of the most popular Minecraft servers couldn’t be left out of a list. Extreme Craft is a popular server due to the variety of options available. This is on top of the creative mode and roleplaying. It’s like a Minecraft compilation of the greatest hits.

Potter World MC

IP Address:

As you enter Potter World for the first time, you are greeted by the boy fighting a dementor while Hogwarts sits in the background. Potter World is a lot like Middle Earth in its authenticity. The inside of buildings look exactly the same as what they appear in your mind’s eye. Learn about potion-making, battle other wizards, and even play friendly quidditch. This is Minecraft at its best: creating worlds that rival those in AAA.