Redstone used by YouTubers to Create Paint


Redstone used by YouTubers to Create Paint

Redstone has been used to create the Ghostbusters theme, a playable version Dance Revolution and even real-world Redstone devices. Now YouTubers have created a fully functional version of MS Paint inside Minecraft's multiplayer building game.

Microsoft Paint, also known as “that program we used to learn IT lessons but couldn't access the internet”, has seen a lot of improvements in recent years. It would be difficult to recreate the current version, even for the Redstoners of YouTube. So MattBatWings, Sloimay and Sloimay decided to focus on the classic version and use it as the basis of cool and detailed projects that belong on our list for the best Minecraft builds.

MattBatWings demonstrates the entire creative process. Sloimay and Sloimay don't really plan to build MS Paint, but they decide to cobble(stone), together when they're selected to participate in Sipover's video. Sipover is a YouTuber who pits the two Minecraft Redstone pros against a group of normal people.

Sloimay and MattBatWings decide to implement the brush tool and line tool, as well as a circle and square tool and a sprite instrument. Although it sounds simple, you should remember that not all of this is native Minecraft. They must also build each feature using Redstone programming as well as the screen. This is another amazing example of the creativity that Minecraft builders can bring to the table, with MattBatWings explaining each feature as they go.

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