Minecraft server list


Minecraft server list

Minecraft 1.18 is one of the most impressive Minecraft updates to ever land, featuring a complete overhaul of world generation mechanics, new blocks, and much more.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Minecraft 1.18 update is by playing a Minecraft server that supports version 1.18. Luckily, there are dozens of Minecraft servers that have now been updated to support 1.18 features.

This article will highlight the best Minecraft 1.18 update servers to play, each of which has no lag, good gameplay, and is online 24/7.

5) Mox MC

Server IP Address: moxmc.net

Mox MC is a popular Minecraft network featuring various game modes, including factions, bedwars, prisons, and survival.

The entire Minecraft network was recently updated to support Minecraft 1.18, meaning that all of the great features of Minecraft 1.18, including the epic new world generation mechanics, can be enjoyed on this server.

4) CraftyMines

Server IP Address: myne.fun

This server is perfect for those looking to enjoy the Minecraft 1.18 update on a small server with a tight-knit community. The server was founded in 2014 and had, on average, about 30 players online throughout the day.

Although it's not the biggest server out there, this server has a kind and caring staff team, a tight-knit community, and of course, all of the latest and greatest Minecraft 1.18 features.

3) KiloCraft

Server IP Address: 50kilo.org

This server, KiloCraft, is a Minecraft vanilla survival server dedicated to running snapshots versions of Minecraft. This means that the server is always running the latest experimental versions of the game that Mojang releases.

Although the server is currently running on Minecraft 1.18, it's expected to convert to 1.19 as soon as Mojang starts to release snapshots for this version.

Also featuring extremely powerful hardware to ensure no lag, this server is perfect for those ever looking to play on the cutting edge versions of Minecraft.

2) ClassicV

Server IP Address: play.classicV.net

This server, called ClassicV, offers gamers a classic vanilla experience with a few modern twists to improve the experience.

Although almost everything on this server is vanilla, there are a few quality of life features to help players out. More specifically, these include spawn commands, teleportation commands, land protection commands, and more.

In terms of 1.18 support, the map has just been wiped and regenerated to fully support all of the latest and greatest 1.18 features. So for players looking to explore vast cliffs and deep caves, this server is perfect.

1) Vanilla High

Server IP Address: mc.vanillahigh.net

Featuring an entirely new world, pregenerated especially for the Minecraft 1.18 update, this server is perfect for anyone looking for somewhere to enjoy Minecraft 1.18.

Although this server is pretty chill, a couple of rules need to be adhered to, ensuring everyone has a good time. This includes not griefing/raiding other players and also strictly not cheating. Other than that, this server is the perfect choice to play the newest Minecraft update.