How to get the rare blue axolotl


How to get the rare blue axolotl

Blue Axolotl is one the most rare mobs in Minecraft. Axolotls were introduced to Minecraft in 2020, in Caves and Cliffs Part 1. They were initially found in many different water bodies, but they were quickly moved to the Lush Caves biome. Due to their adorable appearance, Blue Axolotls became a huge hit with players.

There are five color variants to this mob: blue, brown, yellow, pink and cyan. Most of these variants are easily found in Lush Caves. However, the blue variant is extremely rare. Millions of players have been eager to discover the rarest mob variant since the beginning. Some even found faster ways to get the mob.

There are two ways to obtain the blue Axolotl: through breeding or in Minecraft.

Although it is difficult to find this mob variant, cheats can be used to instantly get it. Players know that they have many options to enter commands into the game in order to accomplish almost any task. This is also true for rare mobs. To allow cheaters to use commands, players will need to type “/summon mincraft:axolotl Variant :4” to obtain it.

How to breed normal Axolotls to create a mob

The only way to get a mob is through commands. You can either find one naturally or breed lots of them until you have the rarest variant. Players have observed that even when two mobs are identical, there is still a possibility that a new variant will spawn as a baby.

Players will need to breed a lot of these mobs in order to obtain the blue mutation if they decide to use this trick. A small chance exists of spawning a blue variant.

Even though the odds of getting one are slim, it is the only way to get the rare mob without cheating. Players who think they can breed enough mobs will be able to do so if they are willing to put in the effort.

How to create a breeding program to obtain rare variants

1) Create a pool

This is because players won't have the ability to breed so many mobs within a Lush Cave. Players will need to create a pool with water buckets and glass blocks to allow them to breed.

2) Buying lots of tropical fish

Axolotls can breed with a lot of tropical fish. These mobs are essential for players.

Access to warm water should be available for players so they can easily find the fish they seek.

3) Begin breeding

This step is fairly straightforward. Players will need to start breeding babies and spawning them one at a time. As the pool becomes more populated, players may have to kill some. Although this process can be slow, eventually players will be able get the rare blue Axolotl.