How to fish for treasure in Minecraft


How to fish for treasure in Minecraft

Fishing is a fun and efficient way for Minecraft players to find the food they need to survive the game. With just a fishing pole and some patience, players can catch several types of fish. Many of these are edible, and some can even be cooked.

However, fish aren't the only thing that Minecraft players can catch while fishing. It's possible to find treasure items, such as saddles and enchanted books, aren't very common finds.

Luckily for players, however, there are some ways to increase their catch rates. This is a guide to help players get started.

There are several treasure items that Minecraft players can obtain by fishing in-game.

By default, players have about a 5% chance of catching a treasure item. Each treasure item has an equal rate of occurrence, leaving each individual treasure item with a 0.8% chance of being caught overall.

Fishing rod enchantments

A standard fishing rod gives the player an 85% chance of catching fish and a 10% chance of catching junk items. Treasure items make up the remaining 5%. These odds are far from ideal, but players can increase them by using enchantments.

There are five enchantments that players can apply to their fishing rods in Minecraft, each with its own purpose and functionality. Only two of these enchantments will have an effect on how fishing works in-game.

Players with fishing rods having the Lure enchantment will see increased rates of fish biting their hooks. While it cuts back on the time they'll spend waiting, this enchantment won't increase a player's chances of finding treasure.

Luck of the Sea

Fishing rods enchanted with Luck of the Sea enchantment have a much better chance of finding treasure. Level I of this enchantment gives players a 7.1% chance of catching a treasure item. This increases a bit with each level, with 9.2% at level II and 11.3% at level III.

Getting treasure items by fishing in-game can be a challenge, but it is nonetheless a fun and exciting part of Minecraft gameplay.