How to craft tinted glass in Minecraft


How to craft tinted glass in Minecraft

Tinted glass is a brand new type of glass that was added to Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs Part 1 in 2021. You can create many different shades of glass by mixing dye. This variant, however, is made in a unique way. This version is more unique than the others because it can block light.

The game offers 18 types of glass panes and blocks. You can make normal glass by melting sand in the furnace. Or you can create stained versions using dye. Tinted glass is made with special items and can be used in special situations.

How to make tinted glasses in Minecraft

1) Make sand blocks from sand

Players must have regular glass blocks in order to craft the tinted version of the item. They can use sand blocks to make the tinted version. These will produce normal-sized glass blocks.

2) Mine amethyst shards

The next step is to locate an Amethyst geode, a naturally created structure. They will then be able find purple amethyst clusters and blocks. These clusters can be mined to drop shards that players can use to make a special glass.

3. Crafting recipe

Once they have the two items, they can go to the crafting table to place four amethyst fragments around the one-glass block. They will now have two tinted blocks.

How to use it

Tinted glass blocks all light. This is its main characteristic. This makes this variant unique and unlike any other glass block.

1) For decoration purposes

Players will be able use the new glass block in any way they choose once they have created it. This block is great for decoration, even spooky builds.

There are already black and gray stained-glass blocks in the game. However, they don't have the unique ability to block the light.

2) For mob farming

Mojang announced the glass variant and players around the globe knew it could be used to create mob farms. This glass variant is almost essential for mob farms after the Caves and Cliffs update.

It is also very attractive because players can see inside the farm through it.